Haqsons Group Of Companies


The legacy that Haqsons Group upholds with pride for 50 years.


Corporate Profile

As we paved our way through trust, integrity & commitment, Haqsons Group was established in 1971 with a primary presence in Pakistan. 

With a long successful history of geographical coverage expansion, today Haqsons Group supplies its products across Asia, Africa and Europe regions through its 12 subsidiaries in Pakistan, Dubai, Angola and Japan.

  • H&S Real Estate (UAE, USA, Pakistan).
  • H&S Hotels (Pakistan).
  • EMAD Motors (Dubai).
  • HST – Haqsons Technologies (Siberia).
  • Haqsons Associates (Pakistan).
  • Haqsons Engineering (Pakistan).
  • Haqsons Corporation (Japan).
  • H S R – L.D.A (Angola).
  • Saad Air Conditioning (Pakistan).
  • H&S Development LLC (Pakistan).
  • TOMC Meat Exports (Pakistan).
  • H Middle East Holdings LTD (UAE).

Who We Are?

Leadership Team

Behind our extraordinary achievements, H&S Real Estate has a group of professionals and an extensive global network, all sharing the same goal; offering you a wide range of exclusive services and properties in the UAE and globally. 

As we pride ourselves in becoming the number one Platinum Agent of Emaar, Haqsons Group believes that the secret in becoming a global investment company is housing the right employees. With over 300 dedicated workers, Haqsons Group became the number 1 company in the UAE.


Years of Experience

Emad Haq

is the beacon of the Haqsons Group of com-panies. With a background in luxury Automobiles and property investment, having spent more than 25 years in Dubai business community, Emad spent a lot of time studying the culture of Dubai and to align the groups vision with that of the rulers of UAE. “I only sell my clients’ property if I deem it fit to buy for myself” Emad Haq Vice Chairman H&S-Haqsons Group

Saad Haq

With years of international property invest-ment background, he is very instrumental in the upward drive of the group to ensure H&S achieves great success whilst maintaining an excellent service standard. His development-focused ethos has seen H&S soar through new ventures and developments and projects both in UAE, Pakistan and more . “We don’t just sell properties, we sell dreams!” Saad Haq Group CEO H&S-Haqsons Group

Fahad Haq

is the visionary behind H&S Real Estate’s growth in the region. Under his leadership, H&S has become the top-ranked property investment company in the UAE. His philosophy of collaboration over competi-tion percolates through all levels of the organisation. “H&S places customer happiness, confidentiality and investment protection above everything” Fahad Haq CEO-H&S Real Estate H&S-Haqsons Group

Our Features

Why Are We Different?

We recognize each one of our client’s special requirements and promise them a space of one’s own in a city where nothing is impossible and discover all that is possible. 


Over the years, our visionary leadership is made up of sheer dedication and professionalism. They embody our core values and vision in providing bespoke and luxurious services for our across the global clientele.


We are highly skilled professionals who aim to provide our dear clients with hassle-free and rewarding management services. Our expertise and experience help us to guide them every step of the way.


Driven by deep knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies, we consider client support at the top of our priorities. We seek to understand our clients’ needs and add value to their experience with us to turn it into a holistic one.


Our story began in 1971 and so did the definition of luxury.
Having been a part of the real estate market we’ve learnt to go beyond our clients’ expectations and create for them an ultra-luxurious experience they will never forget.

Why Choose Us?

Every single day we take a stand for you!

What sets Haqsons Group apart is its expertise and insights, gained through hundreds of thousands of interactions with clients like you, who each have unique needs and goals.

We Are Committed

To provide you with exceptional services from a team of highly professional and uniquely talented employees. Our knowledge and history of achievements are what set us apart to listen to your requirements and exceed them. 

We Are Leaders

H&S is a renowned name in the UAE’s, Dubai Real Estate Development and Property Investment industry. With over 25 years of experience, we played a leading role in servicing development giants like Emaar, Meraas and Damac.

Things We Are Good Enough

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Creative Solutions
Project Implementation
Customer Satisfaction

Our Community

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Trusted by people over 25 years

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Where Comfort Meets Elegance & Luxury

We are Dubai’s NO.1 company. Whether you are considering a family home, investment property, commercial property or a passive rental income, we’re here to guide you step by step.